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Beneath the Tombstone

You never realize how lost you’ll be without someone until they’re gone. Jason Hathaway is finding that out the hard way. Misty, his wife, is missing. The worst part? He has only himself to blame.
Searching for answers on how to reignite the romantic flame, he stumbles upon the information that what a woman wants is for the man in her life to be her hero. Misunderstanding the advice given, and after a previous blunder or two, he arranges for the attempted kidnapping of his wife. Jason then steps in to rescue her and seal the deal as her hero forever. But one problem… his plan didn’t include the part where he’s left bloody and beaten, listening to the pleas of his wife as strangers drag her away. That’s when the truth crashed in. The need for him to be her hero just got real.

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Blog Martin Cogburn, author of Beneath the Tombstone

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