I can still remember the first spark of author starting to shine in me; I was in the fourth grade, we had a creative writing project at school, and to be honest, I was stuck. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always had an over active imagination, but getting it to come out in a story line with a plot, interesting characters, fun, excitement, danger, (and all that other cool stuff) was everything but fun, exciting… though some may’ve viewed it as dangerous. I learned one thing that day: writing is hard.

I think I got an F… and not for “fine.” If I remember right, the teacher may’ve actually called my mother, out of concern. Okay, to be fair, I did write a story about Frankenstein (raw and uncut, of course.) Yes, he had the bolt through his head and all. (Hey, the teacher said be creative.) A lot of the other kids’ stories were pinned up in the hall, proudly displayed for all to see. As you probably guessed, mine didn’t make the cut.

Fast forward fourteen years in which I did as little writing as I could get by with, and then one day as I was checking cows in the pasture of the ranch I was working on, this plot just hit me… and wouldn’t let go. I began scratching out notes here and there with a pen and paper. Then when Black Friday rolled around, I braved all the crazy people and purchased my first laptop at a pretty fancy discount.

Six years later, I publish “Beneath the Tombstone” on Amazon where it’s available as an ebook. (I hope to make it available in paperback soon.) To check out the blurb (what would be on the back of a hard copy) look at the menu options and click on book blurbs, or just follow this link to Book Blurbs.

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